Cushion Refills - Fill & Wraps


Standard Foam: 

  • 1.9 density, 46 compression.  
  • Great value. 
  • Exceeds industry standard foam (1.2 density)
  • Classified as a medium firmness level.  
  • Average lifetime is 3-5 years.  
  • Combine with a dacron wrap for an exceptional value.

Premium Soft Foam:

  • 3.0 density / 11 compression.
  • Premium grade soft foam is rated High Density and High Resiliency.  
  • Average lifetime is 10-15 years.  
  • If you like a soft cushion that you will melt into, this is your foam.  
  • Combined with a feather or polysilk wrap, this combination will have you sitting on a cloud.

Premium Medium firm Foam:

  • 2.8 density / 33 compression. 
  • Premium grade medium foam is rated High Density and High Resiliency.  
  • Average lifetime is 10-15 years.  
  • Most popular selection.
  • Best of both worlds: supportive and comfortable.  
  • Not too hard and not too soft.
  • Crowd pleaser.
  • Add a polysilk or feather wrap for luxurious softness and comfort.

Premium Firm Foam:

  • 2.2 density / 40 compression.  
  • Premium grade firm foam is rated High Density and High Resiliency.  
  • Average lifetime is 15-20 years.  
  • This is one tough foam.  
  • Offers superior support that endures.  
  • Add a wrap of soft foam or a luxurious polysilk or feather wrap for a firm and supportive experience.


Dacron Wrap:  

Dacron is a white polyester fiber batting.  Dacron wrap gives foam a nice smooth shape and adds softness.  Dacron provides a great value and is the most common wrap used in the furniture industry today.  Add double dacron to any cushion for a high crown shape and added body.

Polysilk Wrap with Envelope:

Polysilk is a new and exciting polyester product.  Since it is a loose fill it requires an envelope (a separate cotton casing that contains the loose fill and foam inside and is closed with a zipper). Our envelopes utilize 230 thread count cotton fabric with a heavy duty nylon zipper. Polysilk is very soft and has "downlike" qualities.  Polysilk adds loft and a high crown look to any type of foam.

Feather Wrap with Envelope:  

Nothing is quite like the comfort and the look of a feather wrap around foam.  we carry all blends of feathers and down and even 100% down.  Since feathers are loose they require an envelope.  Our 230 thread count liner fabric keeps the feathers in and does not allow them to poke through.  The heavy duty nylon zipper is proven to last many years.  Feathers provide loft and a high crown look.  They are soft and supportive and add a touch of luxury to any cushion.





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